House interior design and ancient methodology

The interior designing industry has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. Quite a number of quality interior designing firms have been set up in all the major cities of the country, and most of these designing forms are doing excellent jobs. Although most of these firms provide classic house and commercial interior designs, a few of them are also focusing on unconventional and unique designing methods. There are a few firms which have come up with off-beat designs, inspired from all over the world. And there are a few firms whose designs derive inspiration from nature. Recently, a few interior design firms have been blending the modern style of interior designing with the age old methodologies. Some of these old methodologies are Vastu and Feng Shui.

Vastu is an ancient Indian philosophy which seeks to incorporate the effects of five elements; earth, fire, air, water and the sky while determining the directions of different structures in and outside a house. It has been in practice for a long time, and many engineers still follow a few of its rules while designing buildings. Now, some of its elements are being utilised while planning modern house interior design. It is true that the results of using Vastu in interior designing has no scientific justification yet. However, the use of Vastu in home designing is definitely a winner, especially for the believers.

As Vastu is to India, Feng Shui was developed in ancient Chinese civilization. Feng Shui seeks to strike a balance between good and evil and create a harmony in a physical area. Today, the elements of Feng Shui are being used in commercial interior design. Like Vastu, Feng Shui too does not have any scientific proof. But, it definitely enhances the value of a workplace. It has been seen that an office designed using Feng Shui increases the productivity of the employees. This positive effect is actually psychological in nature, as the knowledge of Feng Shui being used while designing an office boosts the morale of the employees.

Modern interior design firms in Mumbai are deriving inspiration from ancient Indian and Chinese traditions. This puts them at an advantage in the interior designing industry. However, this does not mean that the interior design firms which do not consider Vastu or Feng Shui in their designs are not doing their jobs well. There are many design firms that are using natural elements in their designs such as soil, grass and plants and also natural illumination. A few design firms also consider scientific methods of home designing. Scientific methods are more in use while designing commercial buildings, as their motive is to increase productivity of the workforce.


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