How to get around residential interior design for compact spaces

If you are the owner of a house in one of the big cities of India like Mumbai, you will very well know about the struggles and problems that you face because of the space crunch. The space crunch is so bad that it becomes a conversation starter at almost all house warming parties that happen in the city. Most people see borrowers of things and furniture as God sent simply because they do not have space to keep all of it inside the house. While some people lament over the issue, there are others that use professional help to get rid of it.

There are a number of ways in which you can beat the storage and space issues at their game and do it in a beautiful way. Your first step to resolving the problem should be to hire the best interior designers in Mumbai. These are the people that can help you in reclaiming your home and comfort. Another major step should be to find out about the tricks and tips that you can use in creating spaces around the house. Small initiatives can work wonders for you when you are looking for space saving and space creation ideas.

One of the most common and effective things to do in saving or creating more space is to have furniture that doubles up as storage spaces. When you choose to use seating systems, beds and stools for storage of extra items around the house, you don’t have to worry about clutter. You should also make sure to have a keen eye for any space between the walls that can be utilized by covering and making storage or seating space. This is something that is best done by an expert in the field of residential interior design.

If your main concern is not the storage spaces but the size of the house itself, then you should choose to use techniques that make spaces look larger. Furniture that is lower in height such as Indian seating, short dining tables with poufee seats or bed mattresses set into low height platforms can be ideal for house interior design. When there is nothing in the way of your field of vision, you are bound to get a feel of space. You can also make use of lighter colors and more of whites in all your designs to make the rooms look airy and spacious.


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